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Christian Howard-Sukhil started Project TwitLit in 2017 to gauge the growing writing community on Twitter. She has published articles on modern and contemporary literature (including Twitter fiction) and presented papers at numerous international conferences. Her current book project, tentatively titled Radical Translation: Reading Multimodal Narratives across National and Cultural Borders, reinterprets the role of ethics within our digitally-global age.

Christian Howard-Sukhil

Principal Investigator, Project TwitLit
Digital Humanities Postdoctoral Fellow, Bucknell University


Kyle K. Courtney is the Copyright Advisor for Harvard University, working out of the Office for Scholarly Communication. He works closely with Harvard Library to establish a culture of shared understanding of copyright issues among Harvard staff, faculty, and students. His work at Harvard also includes a role as the copyright and information policy advisor for HarvardX/edX.

Kyle Courtney
Collaborator & Legal Advisor
Harvard University

Nick Caravias is a Junior at Bucknell studying Computer Science and Economics. The opportunity to combine the humanities and computational methods led Nick to seek a research position on the TwitLit project team. He joined the team in the Fall 2020, focusing on natural language processing and API data manipulation. He is excited to continue research with Project TwitLit into Spring 2021 as a research collaborator.

Nick Caravias
Collaborator & Student Research Assistant
Fall 2020-Spring 2021
Bucknell University

Jimmy Pronchick is a rising Sophomore currently studying linguitics. He joined the Project Twitter Literature (TwitLit) team as a research assistant during the spring semester of his freshman year. Through this project, he is exploring his interest in social media research initiatives and the digital humanities.

Jimmy Pronchick
Student Research Assistant
Spring-Summer 2020
Bucknell University

Meghan Coyle is a rising Junior majoring in Markets, Innovation & Design and minoring in Arts Entrepreneurship. She decided to participate in this project because growing up in the boom of social media has allowed her to grasp the ability to create content and use her imagination to reach a wide array of audiences. 

Meghan Coyle
Student Research Assistant
Spring-Summer 2020
Bucknell University

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